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General Terms & Conditions

For Use of "Red Center" Spaces and Services


The company with the name "RED CENTER I.K.E." manages and exploits the property located at Paleo Faliro, Amphitheas Avenue, number 77, with the aim, among other things, of operating organized and fully equipped offices, as well as the provision of secretarial and related services.

It is essentially a building, consisting of alternative "collaborative" workplaces, i.e. shared or private workplaces, used by professionals with different knowledge backgrounds, mainly freelancers but also very small businesses, through the payment of rent, which includes various related services.

In the context of its above activities, the company has drafted the present terms and conditions, as well as the Operating Regulations, in order for each of the interested customers to have full and clear knowledge of the operation of the office center, where the offices are housed, as well as and the terms and conditions for the use of the spaces and services provided by it.

All of the terms and conditions described herein, each customer interested in our company must have studied, understood and fully accepted, before entering into a contract with us, as a condition of entering into a contract with the company, is the explicit recognition of customer that he is bound by the terms and conditions herein, and in case of disagreement, he must not contract.

1. Services

Our company offers its customers, among other things, the possibility of short-term or long-term leasing of fully equipped office and conference spaces, as well as spaces for holding all types of events, provided that the events do not conflict with here and the Regulation of Operation, defined.

Fully equipped office and conference spaces mean those spaces that have:

  1. furniture,
  2. network, IT and telecommunications facilities,
  3. electricity supply,
  4. online accessibility and
  5. lighting

and who have access to a central printer, shared toilets and kitchens.

1.1 These spaces are divided into the following categories:

  1. Private Offices
    These offices can be used by the interested clients as their tax headquarters and they offer 24-hour internet access, secretarial support including mail and parcel management, direct mail notification, weekly mail notification, parcel/mail storage service, meeting room at an additional cost, 24-hour access to the phone booths of the level they are on, cleaning service, as well as use of a filter coffee machine and unlimited consumption of the coffee produced by it.
  2. Open Space Offices
    These offices cannot be used as a tax office, unless otherwise agreed, and they offer mail handling, mail notification, mail notification received by regular mail, 24-hour internet access, 24-hour access to phone booths on the levels 0 and 1, cleaning service, as well as use of a filter coffee machine and unlimited consumption of the coffee produced by it.

  3. Fiscal Address
    These premises are used only as tax offices, while they offer notice mail received by regular mail, a free mail storage service.

  4. Conference rooms
    These spaces are used based on availability and offer fully equipped meeting rooms with presentation TVs, with the possibility of up to twelve (12) people.

  5. Event spaces
    These spaces are designed so that they can be used for a limited period of time and not for continuous and daily use, while by using them, specific services can be offered.

1.2 Agreement

Our company, throughout the validity of the agreement concluded between its customers and itself, is obliged to provide them with the agreed services and premises, fully functional, and the customers to pay the agreed price in advance in a timely manner .

1.3 Cash payment

The customer is obliged to timely and properly advance to the company, any agreed amount, for the services and spaces he uses, and to pay off any financial arrears created by him.

In the case of any late payment, the customer will be charged with the respective interest and the one-time payment of a monetary penalty.

The company may modify the prices of the offices and services provided, at its discretion, and the customer is obliged to be informed about them, before the end of the agreed contractual term.

In the event of an agreed duration of more than one year, the respective rent will be adjusted according to the last year's inflation, plus three (3) units. In case of a negative result, the rent will remain fixed.

1.4 Prohibition of use

Our customers are prohibited from using, in any way:

  1. the premises and services provided by us for the operation or headquarters of a business whose purpose is related to or competitive with our company's,
  2. the spaces and services provided by us for a purpose that is not professional (non-profit associations, institutions, NGOs, etc. are excluded from this),
  3. the spaces and services provided by us for a purpose that is contrary to morals,
  4. our brand name, our proprietary title, our trademarks and any intellectual property right of ours, without our express consent,

1.5 Failure to Provide

If for any reason, which is not due to the fault of our company, it is not possible to provide the customer with all the agreed services or the agreed space, no claim for compensation is entitled, but he may terminate the contract or postpone the start this on another date.

Our company, if and as long as it can, will immediately take all the necessary and possible actions, in order to provide the service.

1.6 Shortcomings

If for any reason, which is not due to our fault, during the use of premises or services, it is not possible to provide the customer with all the agreed services, then no claim for compensation is entitled.

Our company, if and as long as it can, will immediately take all the necessary and possible actions, to remove and restore the deficiencies that have appeared.

1.7 Duration

The duration of each agreed lease cannot for any reason be interpreted as a typical lease of A.K. or protected on the basis of the P.D. 34/1995, as from its nature and purpose, it is clearly inferred that it falls under the concept of short-term rental and therefore expires as soon as the agreed time has passed.

1.8 Automatic Renewal

In order to be able to effectively manage the spaces and services provided, for the benefit of our customers, thus ensuring their uninterrupted and uninterrupted use, we apply the system of successive automatic renewal of the set of contracts between us, for equal, each time, duration with the initial one, until the other is notified by the customers or our company, in writing, in accordance with the following time limitations and i.e. a) in the case of a contract lasting one (1) month, the complainant is obliged to notify the termination at least one (1) month before the 1st day of any calendar month, b) in the case of a contract lasting three (3) months, the complainant is obliged to notify the termination at least two (2) months before the end of the agreed duration and c) in the case of a one (1) year contract, the complainant is obliged to notify the termination at least three (3) months before the end of the agreed duration.

It is emphasized that in case of automatic renewal, during which the prices for renting the premises and providing the services have been modified, the new prices will apply, without the obligation of our company to notify its customers, both the renewal and the new prices, and customers are solely responsible for following the aforementioned.

1.9 Right of refusal

Our company reserves every right to deny anyone the renewal of the contract, without any justification and without any right of the customer to seek compensation.

1.10 Self-righteous solution

In the event that our client is declared bankrupt or placed under compulsory administration, the contracts are terminated automatically and without further notice, the premises are immediately handed over, and the termination is considered to have been caused by the client's fault.

1.11 Right to Terminate

Our company reserves every right to proceed immediately and without observing the above deadlines and without paying any compensation, termination of the contracts, in the following cases:

  1. in the event that it is established that our client does not comply with the conditions and obligations thereof, as specified herein and in the Operating Regulations,
  2. in the event that the customer does not pay, systematically, on time and properly the agreed rent and fee, for the services and office provided to him,
  3. in the event that the customer's behavior is not compatible with the law occupation and ordinary use of such office,
  4. in the event that the customer's behavior is offensive or indecent or aggressive and in any case inconsistent with our values and specifications, as defined by us,
  5. in the event that the customer engages in any type of illegal activities,
  6. in the case of misuse of the provided equipment and services, by the customer, as well as
  7. in the event that, for any reason, our company justifies that these contracts must be terminated.

The basic condition for the company to exercise this right is the written notification of the customer, the summons to comply and the impractical lapse of three (3) days, from the notification, without the latter's compliance.

1.12 Payment due to termination

In the event that the contract is terminated by the company, due to the aforementioned reasons, the customer is obliged, within twenty (20) days of the termination, to pay the company any amount that may be due, as well as the total (one-off) amount that he would have paid to the company, based on each contract, until the termination of this, the present pending penalty clause, regardless of whether the company ultimately suffered any damage, from this complaint.

1.13. Use of another office

In the event that the customer chooses another office to use, from the one the company delivered to him, he can be transferred to it, as soon as and if the conditions allow it, after a written request has been submitted to our company and it has been decided by us , at our discretion, that the required availability exists.

It is emphasized that this option is possible only under the condition that the customer's financial obligation remains constant or increases, and any refusal by the company has no effect on it.

In the event that the customer chooses and is eventually transferred to a new office, an amount will be charged for the restoration services, cleaning and other needs, which he may have, in order to return to his original state.

In order to ensure the efficient operation of the office center, the company may transfer the client to another office, which will be corresponding and as far as possible equivalent to the agreed one, after informing him in time.

1.14 Access to the site

Our company is entitled at any time and without limitation, after informing the customer, to enter his premises, preferably in the presence of him or three authorized by him, in case of emergency, for cleaning and inspection or even in order to demonstrate the space to a third party, in the event that the customer or the company has terminated the contract.

In cases other than cleaning and emergencies, visits will be made on a suitable day and time after consultation with the customer.

1.15 Delivery of office and other premises

Upon any termination of the contract concluded between our company and the customer, the customer is obliged to deliver the space (office, conference center, etc.) clean, without any personal belongings and in general in the same condition in which he received it .

All available, for use, equipment, from the company to the customer, may not be transferred, removed or moved by him or anyone associated with him.

2. Building etc facilities

2.1 Building

The building where the offices and other areas are located, and services are provided by us, consists of six (6) floors (7 levels), five (5) of which are configured as office rental spaces and one (1) as a space events.

Customers access the building from the main entrance on the ground floor.

The visitors of each customer are required to bring their identity card, the body of which they will hand over to the reception upon their entry, they will collect upon their exit, and they will circulate within the office center with a visitor's tag.

It is the customers' responsibility to ensure that their visitors bring identification.

2.2 Electrical etc installations

The building and each leased space has complete electrical, network and telecommunication cabling and connection.

The customer has no right to carry out any cable or any other type of installation, addition, configuration, etc., even temporary, without our consent, which we can refuse at our absolute discretion.

If, for any reason, it is required to implement such an installation and our company has agreed, all studies, plans, materials, works, etc., must be approved by us, and their implementation must be done under our supervision.

All costs related to the above installation will be borne exclusively by the customer, and the implemented installation will remain for the benefit of the building, without the customer

to have any right to compensation, even if the facility is considered luxurious.

The company reserves the right to request the return of things to their previous state, the total cost of which will be borne by the customer.

2.3 Damages

The customer is fully responsible towards the company for any kind of damage caused by him, his partners, those added to him and anyone related to him, at our expense, both during the use of our facilities and infrastructure, and during the presence of these in our area.

2.4 Customer Damage

The company has no liability towards the customer:

  1. from any loss of internet connectivity,
  2. from any loss of electricity supply,
  3. from the possible wear and tear of his equipment, from any change in the electrical voltage,
  4. from any damage to his equipment, his files, his data, etc., from any contamination with malicious software or illegal violation of the security systems by third parties.

The company recommends adopting security measures (e.g. installing and activating a firewall, anti-virus program, encryption and strong passwords), avoiding connecting to banking institutions, as well as opening links from unknown senders, in your e-mails.

2.5 Loss of Personal Items

The customer has sole responsibility for the protection and safekeeping of all property, and any loss thereof is solely the responsibility of the customer and not the company.

2.6 Use of Internet Services

Although our company has internet security protocols and tries to provide a seamless internet connection, in no case does it undertake or guarantee the constant level of its speed, its security, in relation to information and data that the customer transmits, the security of the network, in relation to the entry and transmission of malicious software in it or the security from any illegal third party access to it.

The customer is obliged to take all those measures in order to ensure the protection of his data and personal information.

3. Security

Our company bears no responsibility for any damage caused to its customers, beyond the provisions of the law and the contracts between us, and recommends that its customers take out insurance.

3.1 Financial limits of our liability

You are insured against the liability that we may have from the use and operation of the site according to the following limits.
The insurance limits in the event of our liability are up to €500,000 in case of Bodily Injury and up to €300,000 for material damage to your personal belongings on site.
Our company bears no responsibility for any damage caused to its customers, beyond the provisions of the law and the contracts between us, and recommends that its customers take out insurance.

3.2 Warranty

For the exact fulfillment of the terms of the contract, the clients will pay a guarantee, depending on the office they choose, and especially for private offices, an amount equal to twice the price paid each time, and for open-type offices and tax domiciles, an amount it is with the price paid each time.

Customers are obliged to pay the guarantee at the conclusion of the contract.

This amount will be returned free of charge to the customers, after the timely delivery of the office, at the end of the contract, the delivery of the keys, the payment of all outstanding bills and of course if there is no damage to the office or its equipment and there is no case forfeiture of the guarantee.

It is expressly emphasized that the guarantee is not offset against the price.

4. Contact details

In order to be able to conclude a contract with the customers, the customer is obliged to notify us in writing of all the required personal information (e.g. name, surname, patronymic, VAT number, VAT number, D.O.Y., address, mobile phone number, email, etc.), and to keep these details up-to-date, so that any communication that needs to be made between our company and the customer, will be done in them.
Our customers hereby acknowledge and allow us to use and process their above personal data in order to comply with the law, provide our services and communicate with them.
In the case of any possible service, the service will be considered legal at the respective address declared in writing.

4.1 Personal data

Our company, in the context of the obligation to safeguard and protect the information of its customers, undertakes to protect and use in an appropriate manner the personal information (hereinafter "personal data") collected during the use of our sites and services.

4.2 Confidentiality

The financial terms governing the client's relationship with the company are confidential. Neither (2) may disclose such information without the other's consent, unless required by law or an official authority. This obligation reduces the contracting parties for a period of three (3) years from the termination of each contract.

4.3 Transfer of right

The customer is prohibited from transferring all or part of the rights arising from the contracts between us to a third party, without our express and written consent, except in the case where the transfer is caused by death.

In this last case, the client's heir is required, on the one hand, to notify the company of the client's death, providing all the necessary supporting documents, which prove the legal relationship and the right of the client, on the other hand, to be consistent throughout of the obligations between us.

4.4 Employees

It is prohibited for both the client and the company to request or offer work to the other's staff, at least for two (2) months after the termination of the employment contract.

In the event that either of the two commits such an act, they are obliged to pay to the other, as compensation for the cost of training the staff and investing in them, an amount equal to six (6) months' wages, of any interested party, as a replacement for the departing , employee.

4.5 Invoices

All invoices will be issued and sent to each customer electronically only, in an effort to reduce our environmental impact.

5. Rest

The company reserves the right to modify and supplement these terms and conditions, at its discretion and without justification or notification, and all of them bind the customer.

Therefore, customers are advised to periodically check the content hereof.

These terms and conditions apply in conjunction with the operating regulations of the company's office center and bind the company's customers.